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I am a digital native who makes businesses work offline and online.
About Leo Marose
I am a business designer & entrepreneur from the vibrant city of Berlin. To build up ventures from scratch and also help others to grow is my professional competence. I have a business background but also love and understand technology. I see myself as a global citizen who is hungry for new challenges, willing to break boundaries and working on a highly professional level.

What I am looking for are projects that are innovative, challenging and lead by a motivated team. Independent from industry boarders I am interested to join teams, work freelance or act as an advisor.

What you get is a hard working, motivated, creative mind who fits into your team fast. I help you with business development, fundraising, investor relations or simply the right project management to win.

Let's work together and make ideas become reality.
Hallo wie gehts
What's up?

Being involved in the national and international start-up scene enabled me to be a major part of great projects. The list below shows a selection of my latest projects and investments.

eCom 360
Internet Company Builder

eCom 360 is an internet company builder with it's focus on e-commerce. Trends and non-claimed territories are the main areas accessed to build up profitable business models from scratch.
Europewide Online Shop is an e-commerce boutique tailored to the needs of fitness fans. With an European focus it's the leading quality-store in CrossFit, Functional Fitness and Bodyweight training.
Europewide Online Magazine is the men's health of CrossFit. More than 80 writers from all over Europe focus on training, nutrition and overall fitness tips to target the needs of sport enthusiasts.

World Technology Society
Non-Profit Organisation

The goal of this NPO is to provide a global hub for social start-ups. Crossing the boarders of leading industrial nations helps to grow international business & wealth in developing countries.

My services
As an entrepreneur I boot-strapped all of my projects. This can be a business but is also travelling around the world. The things I learned on my way give me a very generalistic approach on how to make projects an overall success. I am passionate about new challenges and can join your team as a freelancer on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on my availability.


To perform 100% it's often needed to get an outside view on your own operations. Involve me to get a fresh view on your business approach.


Decisions on the strategy side are often hard to make. Let me help you to target the right market and grow your business.


I help your company to become best friends with Google. Win customers with state-of-the-art internet marketing approaches.


An int. networks, research and involvement in different projects enable me to help you to find the trends that matter for your business.


You need an army of innovative minds but don't know how to get your employees to start thinking out of the box? I help.


I love start-ups and think that I can always help. Advice, contacts, thoughts - just a few things that I can bring in to accelerate your growth.

Some References
For over 10 years I've been working in diverse roles for a bunch of different international people and organizations. Each project gave me the opportunity to learn something new on the way and provided me with the necessary tools to lead businesses to their goals. I worked for one-man businesses, mid-sized companies and with Fortune 500 managers. I am working hard to continue this list of satisfied business partners and make your project our next big success.

To name a few:
IoT Startup
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conpega leadership
Executive Search & Headhunting
Supplement Brand
1000 Kreuzfahrten
Traveling Start-up
Mobile App Start-up
Eat Performance
Nutrition Brand
inno-focus Consulting
Innovation Consultancy
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Hanse Ventures
Venture Capital
CW Media Services
Full Service IT-agency
Gries&Heissel Bankiers
Private Bank
Lavato Models
Modelpromotion agency
Land of Ideas / IKW
Open Innovation Platform
Get in touch
If you have scrolled through the page there must be a reason for your visit. Don't hesitate to contact me regarding questions, projects and or any other requestsnew projects, cool startups or if you just need a second opinion for what you are doing. I am looking forward to your email.
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Wicherststr. 5, 10439 Berlin, Germany
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